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Sneha Saklecha, a Nutritional Expert and the proud owner of Reversol Health has completed her Masters of Science in Human Nutrition, from The University of Sheffield, UK and currently pursuing a course in Functional Medicine from the USA.

My Story

My journey has been quiet like yours...just a few things added or missing..but I've traveled it all on foot.

I've always been a happy child, eating most of the time to feed my formative illnesses more than my appetite. The transformation from a plump overeating child to a healthy, fit, adult is my story and through my experiences I have been able to mould my story of a nutritious and disease free life for all of you..

My earliest memories of me are almost always related to food binging, junk rich foods calling out to me, loving snack time and attracting the most easily available ready to eat dishes on the menu.

By natural progression, came the teens & adulthood, welcoming some serious and not so pleasant changes that started to manifest into a series of lifestyle disturbances that would have a lasting impact on my life. Menstrual cycles disturbance, painful acne, severe pigmentation, gradual & constant exhaustion impacting various regular activities, hair fall, bald patches: everything that could impact my confidence and a large part of my happiness quotient.I tried literally everything I could (just like you) & failed every time !

I was at an age where I was fighting disappointment & depression and couldn't change much of my genetic makeup. The one thing that it couldn't change was my resilience to resolve and get better. Through various tests, findings and resolution, I fought PCOS and other conditions attached to it.

Fortunately, for me, having already majored in this field, changed my world. I pursued further degrees in Nutrition, & I learnt to listen, follow and respect my body with what exactly it needed. I was my first client!! I fell in love and met a new version of myself not just because I looked better, but also because I felt better. I experienced regular and painless periods just by filling up the deficiencies with food & lifestyle changes. My skin started glowing !! The right kind of exercise according to my body type accelerated my transformation.

The Start of Reversol
The Start of Reversol

Reversol is our journey of giving you the most desired gift "A healthy Life", for there is no substitute for health..


It is with passion and perseverance that we have built this enterprise and are committed to providing the best possible results to each and every one of you..
I have walked in your shoes, and I know what it takes. Nothing describes the satisfaction I feel when I see you get better each time I meet you.


What are we waiting for..Don’t procrastinate and sabotage your health..Let's reverse it with Reversol.


I love eating out, cherish my cheat meals, miss my exercise schedule sometimes and it's okay to do so as long as we know how to balance...

Waiting to hear from you when you're ready..

What we do?

In today's world, 'Nutrition' is not a simple word anymore. With so many upcoming trends available to us on our fingertips, we wonder what is the best diet to follow. We look for diet gurus to answer this particular question. But the truth is: THE BEST DIET DOES NOT EXIST. And here's why: Each one of us is made up of unique qualities that make up your system. So the foods you choose, the lifestyle practices you decide to follow will look different from everyone else's. This is what is called BIO-INDIVIDUALITY.

Each phase of your life has different nutritional needs which are determined by your bio-individuality. By listening to what your body needs and wants, you’ll be better able to nourish yourself with the foods that work for you, rather than everyone on your Instagram feed. THIS IS WHERE WE STEP IN ! At Reversol Health, we take a holistic approach to diet taking into consideration one's lifestyle factors like activity levels or presence of a chronic health condition.

What makes us different from others?

Standard nutrition focusses on nutritional facts and categorizes foods as 'good' or 'bad'. We look at these facts too but in the context of an individual’s physiological makeup and the factors that can affect their health such as how often they move, the quality of their relationships, and their stress level. Essentially, just because a food or food group has been labelled as being “healthy or good for you,” it doesn’t mean it’s good for you — functional nutrition means one size doesn’t fit all!

We focus on the body as a whole ecosystem and our main goal is to address the root cause of your problems like gut issues, skin problems, loss of periods, brain fog and many more. These symptoms can be clues to potential food-related health issues, such as nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, or food allergies.


If you are someone who has done everything right so far and is still unable to get rid of the symptoms then you have come to the right place. We cater to a wide range of health issues: Menstrual Irregularities, Thyroid Dysfunction, Gut dysfunction, Skin Problems, Endometriosis, Hairfall, Painful Acne, Autoimmune Conditions, Weight loss, Weight gain,PCOS and more ...

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One time consultation call
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1 month program
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Hi Sneha, Just wanted to inform you know that I'm getting my periods with absolutely no PMS. No pain, no sore breasts and no mood swings. I wish all women could understand the impact of nourishment and a healthy lifestyle could have on their periods and life overall. It's a boon to have painless periods.

Manasi More Irregular Periods solved !

Sneha, It’s been a long time after which I’ve felt this way. My periods were much more manageable this time after a long time. I didn’t have that pre menstrual spotting which I had been having since long. Yesterday I didn’t take a painkiller and slept peacefully through the night without any pain. I have been doing your suggested pranayama and stretching regularly and it has really helped me immensely.

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Bhakti Verma Endometriosis managed !

I have had the leisure of working with Sneha in the last one year. It was a pleasure because there wasn't any starvation involved.
She would consistently produce realistic and manageable diet plans which gave me excellent results. She would give me a new plan every week making sure that i don't lose my interest.. and the progress every week kept me motivated.

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Harsha Mulchandani Lost 21kgs !

I had multiple minor health issues. Within 15 minutes of our discussion sneha detected that I might have an auto immune disorder. We went through some tests and it was confirmed that i have an autoimmune condition. The first change i observed was wihin 2-3 weeks I could see was gastric problem was reducing.
My periods were pain free which was a miracle. I bloat 2-3 times of my regular size and there was no bloating. I have

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Rashmi Relief from Gastric, Period pain & Skin allergy !

I came to Sneha for managing my Hypothyroidism. She ran some tests and it was actually Hashimotos: An autoimmune thyroid condition. My first consultation with Sneha was about an hour long. She dug deep into my childhood history, what I eat, my lifestyle, sleep pattern and stress levels. It was so thorough and I never experienced this with any doctor I have visited so far. She explained to me what exactly was wrong with me and

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Neeti Mody Relief from Thyroid !

From a nutritionist, Sneha has moreover become a mentor to me. It sounds dramatic, but I had given up on gaining weight and had started to face many health problems because of that.
After meeting Sneha my perspective changed. All my problems rooted from not eating the right foods. 1st she took care of that. 2nd was weight gain. Her methodical and simple ways did the magic, and for that I recommend (and

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Vinay Kelkar Weight gain

Sneha has been a friend, philosopher & guide, at best always speaks the truth & has various ways to substitute your comfort food with interesting ideas. I am very grateful for the fact thst she has been available to tackle my emotional eating pattern. She has a keen sense of judgement, an eye for details, doesn't mince her words, has smart ways to maneuvering meal & workout plans.

Anupama Sinha No more emotional eating !

I had been suffering from IBS for the past many years, losing energy, weight and feeling weak was all that i was going through. Changing the diet pattern with Sneha's help, and adding different forms of food helped me give an exposure to different options rather than the same routine. Detoxing the body gave me a better skin and night herbal tea's gave me better sleep. The gut was healing and continues to still. Consulting you, helped me be more

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Suvarna IBS

Obesity and depression make very good friends and they always reinforce each other in ways direct or indirect. My decision to start with this programme was triggered by this duo and now that it has ended I can gladly say that I am happy with my body! In the span of this few months I have learnt so much about what to eat, what not to, what suits my body and what doesn't. The fact that there's no dearth of alternatives or options in the programme makes it very

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Zakia Better Period flow & Weight loss !
Sneha is not a conventional medicine doctor and does not prescribe any medicines. You need to consult your doctor for any medication that you might need for your health conditions. She also does not ask you to stop any medications without your doctor's permission.
Yes, we do. All our consults are online, and so we work with people from all around the world via phone/whatsapp calls.
Our diets are based on individual needs as per their comfort. We do not follow any diet trends and only focus on nutritional therapy, natural supplements, stress management techniques, and lifestyle changes needed, to address the root causes of disease and promote optimal function and health.
Unfortunately, as of now we don't.
All consults are done by Sneha. You will also have direct whatsapp assistance with Sneha throughout the program.
That depends from person to person and the severity of your condition. We advise to give a minimum of 3 months to see visible changes.