Our Philosophy



Make Fitness Fun.

Maneuver your diet plan in a way where your body doesn’t starve and you still enjoy all those yummy meals you thought you would miss when you started a diet plan.

Reversol Health believes in earning your health and your desired body.

Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everybody. So why go the conventional way and follow the same diet regime that worked for Kareena Kapoor?


Let's Talk

We believe in talking, a lot of talking! It’s important we know every detail about you, your activity levels, your lifestyle, your eating preferences, your stress levels, your sleeping pattern and all that we think is important and could be a reason from stopping you from reaching your goals.

Quality with Quantity

Extreme diets and restrictions don’t solve the issue. They leave you deteriorated and fearful of backsliding. Here, at Reversol Health, we teach you how to choose high quality foods which suit your system best. Eating too much of anything (good or bad) is also equally deleterious. Which is why quality with quantity works the best. Once you make this your new way of life, it creates a lasting change.

Fitness Or Fads !

Are carbs bad for you? Does olive oil not make you fat? Do you only have to eat boiled veggies for being healthy and fit? The answer to these is NO. At Reversol Health, we aim to burst more of these myths for you and aim to give you a healthy taste of reality. While we learn about your body and its needs, you learn Real Nutrition.

Birth of a New You !

When we put you on a healthy journey, you are not alone! We walk along with you. We challenge you to reach beyond your horizon, in a 100% supportive environment. With a mixture of healthy tools, a pool of knowledge and unlimited supply of confidence and motivation, you will be pushed towards achieving your results. Thus, a New you is born !