Keep a diet that you are Proud of, so you can have a body that you are Proud of!

We are all unique. We have also created a unique health situation, for better or for worse, with the choices we have been making up till now. As the name suggests, Reversol Health takes a comprehensive approach to ‘Reverse All’ your health problems with time.

We teach you to restart your life with the correct nutritional values your body needs for a healthy living. However, just like one shoe doesn’t fit all, one diet does not work for all either. Keeping in mind your medical and genetic history, your eating preferences and your schedule, a practical and doable diet is made under the expert guidance of our Nutritionist and Founder of Reversol Health- Sneha Saklecha.

Each area is personally designed to cater to your needs whether you are looking to shed those extra kilos, gain weight, tackle an eating disorder or just to maintain your health.

Online program

Can’t come to meet Sneha personally? No problem.
We do offer online consultation, which is exactly as effective as meeting Sneha.
In whichever part of the world you are, we will develop a plan keeping in mind your lifestyle and different food availability.

Are you a wanderer?

We do consider that you have a life and that you need to travel !
Our plans are made flexible as per your travel schedules and various tips are given for the same.

Trouble in Paradise?

Well your body is a paradise for your soul. PCOS, Thyroid, Diabetes and many such conditions make it worse.
Take a step forward and let us help you to Reverse the whole process.

What a Relief !

You will definitely say this when you meet Sneha.
Because when you don’t have to give up on your favourite pastas, frankies, burritos on a diet;
isn’t it a relief?